My award-winning coffee table book, My Grateful Dead Photos and How I Came to Take Them - 1966-1991, is nearly SOLD OUT, with LESS THAN 50 copies left - and only SIGNED (not personalized) ones are available.

As a result, I have reduced the price for these copies from $115 to $100, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

As always, FREE SHIPPING in the U.S.

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Read just below what some of the band members had to say about my photos: then continue scrolling to order one or more of the last remaining copies.

A third printing is not anticipated.

Thank you all for your support, encouragement, and orders that led to this outcome!

- Rosie McGee

From the My Grateful Dead Photos Foreword:

Rosie was there when we were just gettin' goin' and I don't think she missed a lick. No one else ever got the stuff she got. - Bob Weir, 2021

If you follow Rosie's lens, you will see into our lives and places with a
picture-perfect understanding of how it all went down. These images make time stand still, for us to enjoy forever those moments that were one of a kind.
- Mickey Hart, 2021

Rosie was able to preserve a lot of genuine moments, true candids. We were always comfortable around her, since she was our friend first and foremost. Those photos have stood the test of time, preserving those incredible scenes forever. - Bill Kreutzmann, 2021

Whenever she pressed the shutter, Rosie captured her insight into the world she loved and was immersed in. She was a participant, not just an observer, of a time in history that still remains a viable presence today. She documented that time in a visual and visceral way; and through her photos, she takes us there. - Donna Jean Godchaux-MacKay, 2021


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